Get Involved

Why Should I get Involved?

We know that you’re always being asked to get involved in local consultation but THINk is able to provide an independent one stop shop for your comments on all aspects of health and social care and we’ll continue to provide you with ongoing support and feedback.

We’re not planning on having a whole lot of boring meetings. We aim to only provide you with specific information that is of interest to YOU and with plenty of options for feeding back your views. This might involve: a few minutes completing a feedback form or survey, getting involved in a specific health or social care issue, attending occasional meetings or events that interest you, or just receiving regular information.

Ways of Getting Involved

There are many ways you can actively get involved with THINk:

  • You can become a Steering Group Member
  • You can become a Task Group Member
  • You can become a THINk Enter and View Representative
  • You can become a THINk Feed backer (You need to become a THINk member)
  • You can become THINk Champion (Volunteer Opportunity)
  • You can become a THINk Outreach Worker (Volunteer Opportunity)

If you are interested in THINk’s volunteering/ involvement opportunities please click the link to view the opportunities in more detail – ‘THINk Volunteer Opportunities’

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