Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are integral to THINk’s strategy to widen the diversity of the membership base and dramatically increase the number of active members. They will also add to the capacity of THINk to produce comments and feedback through outreach and research work as well as take part in innovative projects, such as the THINk Champion and Mystery Shoppers schemes. THINk has a responsibility to offer the best support and training to volunteers in order to ensure that all Tower Hamlets residents are welcome and gain the most out of their time with THINk.

Why are volunteers important to THINk?

  • Volunteers add much needed capacity to help achieve THINk’s aims
  • Volunteers bring expertise, useful skills and fresh ideas
  • Volunteers connect THINk more to the local community
  • Volunteers allows THINk to act as a platform to help local residents gain work experience and achieve their personal goals

What will volunteers do?

  • Outreach work – getting comments and feedback from healthcare users and increasing THINk’s membership base
  • Research – helping to facilitate focus groups, get surveys filled out and undertake discovery interviews. Also, translation services.
  • Marketing – managing the website, administering the database and helping with print media, such as leaflets and posters
  • Become steering group and task group members
  • Carry out Enter and View visits
  • Work as mystery shoppers

Why volunteer for THINk?

  • Desire to improve the health system
  • Work experience
  • Gain experience in the health and social care sector
  • Course requirement
  • Give back to the community
  • Corporate social responsibility

If you are interested in volunteering with THINk, please view our ‘THINk Volunteer Opportunities‘ document for a full list of opportunities and volunteer role descriptions.

If any of the volunteer roles interest you, please call Shafina on 020 8223 8922 to get further information on the volunteer opportunity or alternatively email or post us your completed ‘THINk Volunteer Application Form‘.

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